The world’s leading Auction House, with over 1,800 employees across operations in five continents, including North America, Asia and Europe, was looking to improve the stability and accuracy of their Workday HCM platform. The organization had first deployed Workday in 2013 and due to a rapid initial implementation and subsequent lack of expertise in Workday, the deployed functionality was limited, non-user-friendly and prone to error. Given the scope of the transformation ahead, the management team was looking for a third-party to work on configuration changes to Workday as they believed this would solve their issues. On meeting with KSI, KSI highlighted the importance of End to End process review and how the team could not solely focus on the Workday system processes to achieve the results they were looking for. Following this initial meeting, the client engaged with KSI to perform an assessment of their current processes, identify issues, develop recommended configuration and process improvements and propose an improved HR Service Delivery support structure.

When KSI was first introduced to this organization, our expert team spent the time to truly understand their business concerns, project goals, and desired outcomes. The client’s initial concerns were manifested in issues related to Workday Benefit processes resulting in data inaccuracy, process errors and poor user satisfaction. Over time, quick fixes had been applied on an issue by issue basis, but no time had been spent to fully understand the underlying end to end processes contributing to the situation. In addition, due to a lean organization structure the client established an informal, regionalized HR Service Delivery support structure that required KSI to provide recommendations on how this may be improved.

KSI quickly realized that in order to fully address the observed Benefits issues, a review and identification of the root causes across all Workday processes had to be conducted.

KSI’s proposal was to assess and address key end to end business processes within HR, Benefits, and Payroll to address possible configuration changes, process improvements and service delivery changes (roles, responsibilities, and interactions within and around the process) to optimize the Workday platform and HR Service Delivery support structure.

With a desire to see early results, the initial scope was North America, with a view to extending to Europe and Asia upon completion of the North America engagement.

KSI’s remit was to help the client understand its current Workday configuration and HR processes, determine issues and shortcomings, and identify configuration, integration and process changes to simplify the processes, minimize data and integration errors and improve the overall Associate experience.

KSI got straight to work, developing a rapid six-week engagement plan. As with any client engagement, KSI focused on developing a deep understanding of the organization’s systems and processes through a series of face to face workshops with key process stakeholders and Workday system administrators. These workshops were designed to enable key users of the processes to hold open discussions regarding inefficiencies and challenges with their Workday platform. And through the KSI team’s Workday knowledge and experience, they were able to propose functionality improvements that would enhance the platform and processes and simplify the user experience.

With a solid understanding of current systems and processes, KSI began developing key recommendations for system and process improvements, and a future HR Service Delivery Support Model.

After a focused six-week engagement with KSI, the client was presented with over 150 prioritized system and process improvement opportunities across seven core processes, including the identification of 30+ “quick wins”, which allowed implementation by their existing resources and enabled them to see short-term improvements in data accuracy, error rates and process efficiency and user experience.

In addition, KSI delivered a proposal for a future HR Service Delivery Support Model tailored to the client’s specific organizational structure, which will not only benefit their North American operations but is scalable to include Europe and Asia at a future date.

Client-focused, holistic approach, incorporating technical, process and organizational considerations
Experienced consulting team with platform specific knowledge and hands-on experience
Rapid engagement delivering actionable short-term results along with longer-term system and process improvement opportunities
Initial regional focus with future global scalability