A leading automotive company with over 800 employees in its North American Operations was in the process of adopting Workday as their new HCM system. As a premium company, they needed a premium HR system to manage its most important resource – the people, as a part of its goal to establish itself as one of the ace players in their market segment.

The HCM implementation was to be a part of a broader effort by the company to innovate and reinvent its people practices, methodologies, and technology. With a Human Resources team stretched thin due to conflicting priorities from multiple ongoing initiatives, the company partnered with KSI to assist with their Change Management program. In addition, they wanted the success of this change to go beyond go-live and purchased ADOPT to ensure a successful people transition and increased user-adoption in this technology change effort and to enable the firm to realize the maximum value from their investment.

User experience was at the core of the company’s product design philosophy and so it was natural that they wanted this to be the focus for their internal customers as well. The Workday system promised to be a significant improvement over their outdated systems with complex interfaces.

To ensure data accuracy while accounting for resource availability amidst multiple time-sensitive initiatives, the organization chose to implement Workday functionality in three phases. The implication of this phased approach meant that some of the legacy systems would continue to remain as the company slowly progressed towards setting up Workday as the single source of truth. Fortunately, the company was culturally conditioned to be more open to a constantly changing landscape due to the nature of their business. In the automotive sector, rapidly evolving technology was the norm. However, clarity for end-users was key to avoid confusion as the company progressed through this phased implementation approach.

The approach to achieve success had to focus on the impacts of the phased change and translate to end-user confidence, behavior change in the new way of working, skill building, training and self-service that went well beyond their go-live. KSI conducted two foundational data discovery workshops with the client’s functional Subject Matter Experts. The first workshop focused on an assessment of the various audience groups that would experience a new way of working to identify the unique needs of each group and sub-group. The second workshop focused on the impact of this change, comparing and contrasting the current state with future state. But KSI’s methodology went a little further due to their experience and challenged the company to uncover gaps in the process definition. These gaps are not limited to steps to be performed in the Workday system, but to also think about process hand-offs; out-of-application communication if required; policies and protocols; and integrations with other systems. All of this formulated the Change Management execution plan and built onto the next step – ADOPT.

With a phased approach, trying to maintain self-service, behavior changes and another cycle of un-learning and re-learning required for end-users, KSI helped the company roll-out ADOPT - a digital learning and communication platform.

With ADOPT, the firm was able to deliver targeted instructional content (how to / process / information) to the end-users, relevant to the Workday page they were currently on. This meant that users would have access to on-demand reference guides right when they need it. The client could also display key information and announcements within Workday as changes and updates occur. ADOPT also served as the perfect tool to help the company smoothen its transition journey through the phases as well as come in handy with its ability to deliver training materials to targeted audiences in targeted languages. This was key as they had several expats from the global headquarters in Asia who were not native English speakers.

With the communication and training efforts outlined by KSI, the company received a targeted execution plan that would achieve Change Management success in their initial Workday implementation and a model to continue in subsequent phases. As well, with the ADOPT implementation, KSI helped simplify the process of managing and updating training and communication content. This provided an avenue of success well beyond go-live. Those companies that focus all their Change Management efforts and investments around training and communication up to the point of go-live eventually fail and prolong their stabilization period. Through this two-pronged approach, the client was able to realize its goal of increasing end-user adoption despite the challenges of a phased roll-out.

Data-driven and process related change assessments are needed to define the specific needs of each client group.
Enabling adopt for easy access to help documents, information, and instant communication within the system screens to provide specific support at the point of need which continues well beyond go-live.
Experienced consulting team with the necessary change management approach and operational experience to expedite the work while delivering custom information to meet the client need.