One of the World’s largest dental product manufacturers with over 17,000 employees around the globe, was looking to centralize their HR transactional activities into a Service Center. The initial project was to set up an EMEA Service Centre to support just over 8,000 employees and align end to end processes across 30 plus countries within the EMEA region. The objective was to utilize and expand on the use of SAP SuccessFactors to allow for more Manager & Employee Self Service, and to move the day-to-day transactional HR activities out of the countries to a centralized EMEA Service Center.

As with any organization with an existing HCM platform deployed in some geographies and now expanding and optimizing the current functionality, the objective was to ensure that processes were aligned and standardized globally as far as possible, while also ensuring that regional legislative requirements were met.

As is typical within EMEA, specific attention needed to be given to works council requirements and local government legislation to ensure GDPR compliance was met through the processes, and how the data was going to be managed and transacted within a central EMEA Service Center.

Once the company had documented the future-state processes and operating model for the EMEA Service Center, these were used by KSI to support & project manage the set up of the EMEA Service Center.

KSI developed a detailed design & deployment plan which covered a 12-month period, with one country going live first as a pilot and the remaining countries going live 3 months later. During deployment, there was a hold on the project due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this two-month delay, KSI worked with the client to establish activities that could continue and undertook replanning of the Service Center build in preparation for the project re-start.

KSI commenced the design with data gathering from each of the Country Leads on the current processes as an input into the two one-week onsite sessions to design the future process, understand pain points, risks and other considerations that need to be thought through for the build of the new Service Center.

KSI developed the future state processes which were reviewed & validated with the key stakeholders. This documentation was then further expanded and used during the set-up of the Service Center within each of the Work Streams.

After the initial design, KSI covered multiple roles during the Service Center set up, which included:

  1. Overall Project Management Working with the client Project Lead, the KSI Lead managed the overarching project plan, incorporating connecting projects within HR that had impacts on the EMEA Service Center set up deliverables, facilitated and managed weekly Core Project Calls, prepared project status materials for the Project Sponsors, Go / No-Go decision presentations and recommendations and day to day management of the RAID log.
  2. Work Stream Lead management Facilitated weekly check point calls to ensure actions & activities were on track, process documentation was being built & approved by the stakeholder’s, training material was being prepared for HR and the Service Centre employees, UAT scripts were being prepared, etc.
  3. Works Council (WC) Support KSI facilitated weekly check point calls, providing industry experience on recommended presentations and details for the WCs for the assigned client lead to use and manage / adjust presentations when meeting with the WCs to ensure consistent messaging was presented to the WCs.
  4. Change Management Lead KSI worked with the client Change Champions to manage the various levels of change within the different countries. KSI delivered a Change Impact Assessment, which was then an input into the Training & Communication schedules, which covered the various stakeholders within the business from Employee to top Management, plus facilitation and leading the client Change team with their tasks & activities assigned within the project plan.
  5. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Management KSI facilitated and led the UAT sessions for all HR in countries and Service Center employees, to ensure the new way of working was understood. Actions & follow ups from the sessions, including gaps in training were managed by KSI to ensure the Service Center was ready for Go Live. This was used as an input into the Go / No Go decision meetings.
  6. Hyper-Care Project Management KSI scheduled, facilitated, and led the daily war room sessions with the key stakeholders, managed the actions with the various people through to completion & provided regular status updates on the progress post go live.
  • The EMEA Service Center went live for 24 plus countries (remaining countries were pending work council approvals).
  • KSI developed & documented over 50 process flows across 12 functional areas.
  • KSI adapted / re-planned the project activities to support the client through the two-month shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • KSI continues to work with the client today supporting the global footprint with process improvement, simplification and enhancing the SAP SuccessFactors solution.
Client-focused, holistic approach, incorporating technical, process and organizational considerations
Experienced consulting team with the necessary hands-on industry and consulting experience with end-to-end HR processes
European process knowledge enabling the development of processes incorporating unique regional considerations and legislative requirements