A non-profit US healthcare corporation with over 50 facilities and wellness services and 4,000 employees across the state of Virginia was about to embark on a transformative HCM transition to Workday. Realizing they had a substantial learning curve to overcome prior to their first implementation design session in just 6 weeks, the company approached KSI to gain a deeper understanding of their current HR infrastructure, determine future system needs, and unify all stakeholders around implementation objectives. KSI entered the scene to ensure that the organization’s HR management system empowered health workers to focus on what matters most: saving and improving people’s lives. 

The organization was unsure of what to expect and how to prepare for their Workday implementation project and upcoming design sessions, and was looking for an independent advisor to guide them through the process. The project scope was extensive, including Core HCM, Compensation, Talent Management, Absence Management, Time & Attendance, Recruiting & Onboarding, Payroll, Benefits, Finance, Supply Chain, and Reporting & Analytics. Although the organization was confident in their vendor choice, the management team wanted to go into this major HR systems transformation with both eyes open, instead of relying on their implementer every step of the way. 

When KSI was first brought in, our experts invested time with the client’s team to truly understand the organization’s existing HR systems, project goals, and desired outcomes to determine the requirements for a successful project. The organization had previously relied on a patchwork of systems, which resulted in inconsistent data, manual processes, back-end operational bottlenecks, and a poor user experience. The organization expressed from the very beginning that user experience was of primary importance, and the management team wanted to rely on KSI to question every element of the implementation process to ensure that their HR system would be as easy-to-use as possible for healthcare professionals. 

In addition to these technical concerns, the organization was struggling with some internal resistance to the changes ahead, particularly from members of the organization that were hesitant to revamp operational processes. In KSI’s experience, this is particularly common in healthcare organizations where many stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process, creating bottlenecks that slow or derail HCM implementation timelines. KSI was tasked with managing these internal politics and making sure all key stakeholders were aligned prior to the implementation.

With no time to lose, KSI got straight to work. First and foremost, our experts focused on educating the client’s team members on project expectations and best practices, as well as re-evaluating their Workday contract to determine unnecessary elements, cost reductions, and areas for optimization.  During these workshops and meetings, key stakeholders were able to hold open discussions regarding inefficiencies, challenges, and desired changes to their current systems. Based on these conversations, KSI captured service delivery operational requirements and key considerations that would affect the implementation timeline, as well as established clear guidelines and objectives for the upcoming Workday design sessions. Within just a few weeks, the team would walk into their meetings with Workday ready to lead the conversation and project roadmap.

Over the course of the engagement, KSI also focused on unifying stakeholders, reinforcing the need for operational changes, and eliminating internal bottlenecks to allow for a seamless implementation. KSI served as that critical, third-party opinion whilst quickly becoming part of the team, fully committed to the organization’s employee-first values.

After just 6 weeks, our client walked into their design sessions with Workday with decisions about future state requirements, full organizational alignment and commitment, and a summary of key change impacts that needed to be recognized and revisited to align with the project timeline. The client’s team members have quickly become product experts through KSI’s educational workshops and were able to present Workday with an analysis of additional integration and reporting requirements that were not included within the original signed contract, as well as items that were included but no longer required. Once these concerns were addressed by the Workday implementation team, the organization prepared to embark on their HR transformation fully informed and confident in the road ahead, regretting only that they hadn’t heard of KSI sooner.

Client-first process with an emphasis on employee experience
Holistic advisory approach that includes technical, organizational, and operational considerations
Focus on client education, so you can drive the implementation process instead of relying on the vendor every step of the way
The KSI expert team becomes an extension of yours, committed to project success and organizational harmony