A worldwide hospitality/lodging company, with over 6,000 employees across the globe, was looking to improve their Worker Lifecycle Management processes to achieve scalability for their high growth operations and to provide operational compliance in advance of a projected IPO. The organization had identified inefficiencies and errors in their processes and needed support to drive a project to assess back office processes and technical platforms to define future state recommendations, priorities and opportunities, to develop and implement a technical solution to achieve the scalability and compliance objectives. Due to a lean organization structure and diverse siloed technical platforms, earlier attempts to deliver the results internally had failed.

When KSI was first introduced to this organization, the scope of the project was uncertain. The KSI team spent time to fully understand their business concerns, project goals, and desired outcomes. The client’s biggest concerns were related to the onboarding and offboarding of employees, with disjointed, manual processes causing frequent data errors and duplicate user accounts, resulting in time consuming corrections. From a compliance point of view, the key concern was the inability to ensure that system account access was terminated for workers leaving the company, while the error-prone manual onboarding processes presented a scalability issue as the company experienced rapid growth.

The overall target for project completion was 12 months, but with a potential IPO decision just six months away, it was decided that the project focus would be initially the offboarding processes to address compliance, with the onboarding project to follow.

KSI’s remit was to help the client fully understand the root causes of the observed issues, develop recommendations, select the optimal solution and lead the diverse stakeholder teams through the development, testing and deployment of the solution.

As with any client engagement, KSI focused on developing a deep understanding of the organization’s systems and processes through a series of face to face workshops with key process and technology stakeholders. These workshops were designed to enable key users of the processes to hold open discussions regarding inefficiencies and challenges with their platforms and explore potential technical solutions to address the key concerns.

The preference was to make use of the technology already owned and in place to develop an end to end solution capable of addressing both the offboarding compliance and onboarding scalability requirements.

The key technologies to be incorporated in the ultimate solution included Greenhouse Recruiting, Wand Contingent Workforce Management, Workday HCM, JIRA Case Management, Mulesoft Integration Platform and LDAP.

After the development of an initial high-level design for both the onboarding and offboarding solutions, the focus was then turned to the development, testing and deployment of the offboarding processes.

Making use of Mulesoft as the orchestrator of the process and a JIRA ticket solution as the manager, an integrated solution was developed, automating the process of ensuring LDAP (and associated SSO applications) account access termination triggered by the last day of work entered into the Workday termination process. JIRA also triggered the termination of building access and the recovery of assets assigned to the employee.

The solution was designed, developed, tested and deployed in under six months achieving the deadline required for compliance in anticipation of the IPO.

Following on immediately, the onboarding solution was developed. Integrations between Greenhouse and Workday and Wand and Workday were improved. A solution was developed in Workday to identify potential duplicate user records before creation and a similar Mulesoft/JIRA solution was developed to automate LDAP account creation and trigger the provisioning of building access and computers for new employees.

The onboarding go live was also achieved within six months, resulting in an overall project duration of 12 months meeting the original project objectives.

Client-focused, holistic approach, incorporating diverse technology solutions to develop an end to end solution
Experienced consulting team with the necessary Project Management skills to effectively drive multiple stakeholder groups to an integrated solution
Ability to deliver platform agnostic solutions