The world’s leading metals and electronics recycling company, with over 6,000 employees and operations in five continents, including North America, Australia, and Europe, was looking to overhaul its Global Operating Model and supporting HR system. The organization had a particularly complex HR infrastructure, as it has experienced numerous international acquisitions in order to gain market share across the world. Given the scope of the transformation ahead, the management team was looking for a third-party, vendor-agnostic advisory firm to guide them through organization design, project planning, vendor selection, and implementation. Enter KSI.

When KSI was first introduced to this organization, our expert team spent the time to truly understand their business concerns, project goals, and desired outcomes. The client’s challenges stemmed from multiple antiquated and disjointed HR management systems due to a regional-focused operational model - a situation that many global organizations can surely relate to. Each country took a different approach to HR, meaning separate systems and processes that made it difficult to collect information on the business as a whole. HR management was incredibly manual, involving many Excel spreadsheets, duplicated data input, and in-person approvals. Overall, there was a lack of centralized, accurate reporting to guide decision-making. The organization's senior management team approached KSI with a desire to roll out a global structure to help improve and expand business operations in order to better understand what the project would entail in terms of scope, cost, and timeline.  

KSI was called upon to help the client understand its current HR infrastructure, determine future system needs, and identify a course of action for vendor selection and implementation. 

As with any client engagement, KSI focused on developing a deep understanding of the organization’s systems and concerns during the onboarding process. This involved getting key decision makers from across the globe together to discuss inefficiencies, challenges, and desired changes. As a result of these conversations, KSI identified several issues across the organization’s broader operating structure. In order to bridge the gaps between countries and systems, the global leaders would need to engage in a dramatic change management exercise and prepare its employees for the journey to come. 

Once these issues had been recognized and verbalized, KSI got to work creating a project scope, implementation timeline, and business case. The organization’s management team had stressed the importance of building a global system as opposed to a US-centric one. Thankfully, KSI was able to leverage its global network of regional experts to create a comprehensive and inclusive action plan. Education was a big part of this phase, given that many of the organization’s leaders had little insight into what their counterparts in other countries were doing. Our expert team organized a number of workshops and meetings with key stakeholders to understand pain points and deficiencies, with discussion around suggested best practices moving forward and project expectations. All stakeholders felt comfortable picking up the phone and reaching out to KSI with any questions and concerns, creating an open and honest global dialogue surrounding a critical technological and organizational change. 

With a solid background and understanding of current systems and needs, KSI began providing the client with key recommendations, vendor requirements, and comprehensive financial projections to achieve the desired future state expressed by global leaders. This included recommendations in regards to a new organizational structure to support a Global HR Management System and recommendations on how to prepare for implementation. KSI is client-first and vendor agnostic, so the organization could rest easy knowing KSI’s main priority was finding a vendor that fit their needs. Our expert team called out the risks involved and provided candid feedback on different vendors. By the end of the engagement, KSI had provided the client with clearly defined vendor requirements and an implementation roadmap to guide and expedite project rollout.

After a 4 month engagement with KSI, the client identified a preferred vendor for their HR transformation and is currently in the midst of project implementation. After rolling out a brand new HR System Support organizational structure and operating protocol, global leaders across the entire organization are aligned and committed to the transformation ahead. Once this project is complete, the management team will benefit from a centralized, global reporting system that will set the company as a whole up for continued growth. 

Proven consulting team and experience with major global companies
Client-first and vendor agnostic
Streamlined approach to drive review of large number of system requirements to aid in highlighting the must have
Key takeaway about case study.