One of the largest American multinational hospitality companies, with over 120,000 employees across operations in six continents and 65 countries sought to improve their strategy of having the right people in the right roles in an effort to create additional advantages in the hospitality market. The organization initially engaged with a large consulting company to devise a future state talent vision. The future state vision outlined the pain points and recommended improvements to the overall talent experience including a high-level talent roadmap. In addition to the identification of a need for a comprehensive talent strategy, the organization had significant doubts that their current systems could help them achieve those goals. Although the future vision document outlined the evolution from current state to a future state, from a technical and functional perspective, it did not address the operational, resources, process, implementation and change components required to support the future state vision and implementation.

Due to KSI’s end-to-end and practical approach to helping organizations, the organization contracted KSI to lead an effort to validate requirements and conduct a fit- gap assessment of legacy technology for global application tracking (ATS), compensation, and talent management systems. As a result of discussions with KSI, the organization realized the effort ahead would likely be a multi-year transformation and therefore requested KSI include the development of an overall HR technology roadmap as of the assessment. In addition to the HR Technology roadmap assessment, KSI outlined several technology options based on the review of critical objectives, requirements and the organization’s existing business and technology landscape.

When KSI was first introduced to this organization, our expert team spent the time to truly understand their business concerns, project goals, desired outcomes and previous work completed by the initial consulting organization. The organization believed that their performance and compensation platforms required replacement and requested the entire talent suite be included in the assessment and roadmap. Similar to several organizations within the hospitality industry, our client’s main focus was creating brand loyalty through excellent customer experience. Our client realized that their past and future success was contingent upon their people and talent and that the economic environment would have an impact on their ability to attract and retain top talent. They also understood that their decentralized and franchise business model created further difficulties in identifying talent globally.

No different than any organization within the hospitality industry, significant back-office technology expenditures were a real concern and the cost of implementing a new core HCM solution was cost prohibitive. In an effort to address other issues such as lack of visibility and reporting that are often faced by global organizations, KSI assessed the benefits, risks and opportunities for HCM technology consolidation.

KSI was tasked with developing and validating a listing of critical functional and technical requirements, performing a current state fit-gap analysis, assessing current vs future state financial impacts and projections, and developing a 2-3year technology roadmap. KSI’s approach to developing a comprehensive technology roadmap includes the following:

  1. Business, functional, and technical objectives
  2. Current and future risks
  3. Competing initiatives
  4. Current and future resource constraints
  5. Change impact and disruption to Employees
  6. Change impact and disruption to HR and HRIT
  7. Existing technology landscape and contracts
  8. Financial impact

KSI devised a six-week engagement plan, which included a series of face-to-face workshops with key stakeholders and global oversight. In preparation for onsite workshops, the KSI team provided the project team with templates to assist with collecting interfaces, global technology contracts and system requirements. Prior to attending the onsite workshops, the KSI team reviewed all requirement information and prepared deep-dive questions to ensure understanding of the requirements, existing pain points and alignment to future state vision.

During the workshops, the KSI team was able to gather information regarding the organizational culture and change management challenges that the organization would face as part of the technology roadmap roll out. These challenges along with internal resource constraints were highlighted as potential risks to client leadership along with mitigation strategies. In addition to the workshops, the KSI team reviewed the previous consulting company deliverables to ensure our consultant team had a comprehensive view of the assumptions and input made to develop the initial talent future state vision.

After a focused six-week engagement with KSI, the client assessed and prioritized over 200 current and future functional and technical requirements, plus with collaboration and discussions with technical teams, KSI was able to ascertain whether existing known issues where linked to current configuration, functionality that was not enabled or product limitations. All data collected via workshops and fit-gap assessment culminated into a comprehensive roadmap. KSI additionally provided a report highlighting that current systems supported many the team’s current and future state requirements.

In partnership with the project sponsor, KSI presented the roadmap consisting of the pros and cons, financial technology impact, risks, and an implementation timeline to the Chief Executive Office and leadership team.

KSI’s efforts allowed the organization to implement a plan that addressed their short-term needs while highlighting key milestones and actions that needed to be taking into the future to ensure proper time to plan, contract and implement a new solution.

Client-focused, holistic approach, incorporating technical, process, organizational, and budget considerations to identify technology to support future state vision
Experienced consulting team with platform specific knowledge that can be leveraged to align technology to business strategy and devise a multi-year road map
Streamlined approach to drive review of large number of system requirements to aid in highlighting the must have