A leading music-based entertainment group with over 4,500+ employees globally, including North America, Asia, and Europe, was looking to continue their implementation of a new HCM system to secure and store all employee data. The company needed to guarantee that all employee data was secure as they prepared to go public as well as drive towards global consistency.

The company deployed Workday in waves. Wave 1 consisted of the US, UK and Ireland and was launched in 2019. Wave 2 would be much larger in scope, including the remainder of their locations in EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Wave 2 would be further broken down into two phases (EMEA in one phase and Asia, Pacific, and Latin America in the second). Feedback received after Wave 1 alerted leadership to the potential pitfalls of making this transition unaided. Strong change management was a missing component in Wave 1. They decided to partner with an experienced third-party vendor to assist in their continued journey of their global implementation.

During a discovery meeting with KSI, KSI highlighted the importance of Change Management as well as explained KSI’s experience with Change Management for extensive Workday implementations and global transformations.

With over 55 countries transitioning to Workday in Wave 2, there were concerns that the scope carried a large adoption risk. Each geography is unique, and they were worried that their needs would be overlooked in favor of creating a global standard.

Based on early feedback after the launch of Wave 1 in 2019, there was apprehension that employees would not receive proper training and communications, as well as processes and approval workflows not being clearly articulated. Employees in the first wave were aware that Workday was live, but they did not feel prepared or confident with the new system.

The client needed a way to organize and prepare for the implementation and transition across the diverse number of countries and address the feedback received from Wave 1. KSI’s global change management experience and partnership was needed to support the client’s success.

KSI planned to assess the end-to-end business processes within HR, Onboarding, and Absence to address changes in the roles, responsibilities, and interactions within and around the processes. They needed to ensure a clear understanding of the Workday system and how it affected every geo.

This was accomplished by:

  • Organizing countries into groupings — To better facilitate the data discovery sessions, each of the geos was assigned to one of 19 groups. These groups were based on geographical proximity and HR leadership, employee population, and process similarities. This ensured that every geo’s voice was heard during the discussions—smaller geos were not lost among the crowd, apprehensive geos could walk through new processes for greater understanding, and KSI was able to identify higher-quality, targeted data for every location.
  • Creating individualized training for distinct audience groups — Training courses and materials were tailored to each geo, both in development and delivery. Sessions were held digitally via small groups. The sessions gave individualized support, visual process flows, demonstrations, and Q&A sessions so each geo could feel confident about the transition to Workday. Documentation was created for end users to use as reference after training, providing ongoing assistance beyond Day 1.
  • Using communications to herald change — KSI also created a communications plan that included all audiences and regions. Employees needed to know what Workday was, when it was coming, and how they can receive support with the new system. These messages were designed with each group in mind and were spread throughout many weeks to foster excitement and comfortability within the employee population; by building upon the previous messages, the communications plan reinforced the transition and provide a solid foundation for the change.

With the communication and training efforts outlined by KSI, the company received a targeted execution plan that used Change Management to achieve success in their Workday implementation and a model to follow when continuing in subsequent phases. This provided an avenue of success well beyond go-live. Many companies only focus their Change Management efforts and investments up to go-live, and they eventually fail and lead to a longer stabilization period. As a result of the training efforts performed by KSI, the HR User base felt excited and confident about moving to a new HR system.

Experienced consulting team with the necessary change management approach and practical delivery skills to meet client needs
Data-driven change assessments to define the specific needs of each client group
Quality content development for diverse audiences and training subjects
Anticipating necessary changes by engaging end users and soliciting their candid feedback before the system went live